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Melinda’s Camino De Santiago 2012 – Day 15

Day 15 – San Nicolas – rest day  – SICK

DEATH. That was the word that described how I felt today. I had the most severe diarrhea. The pain throughout the night was so incredible it made me cry. I had to go to the toiled so often that I ended up lying on the lounge near the toilet. I tried not to wake anyone as I didn’t want to have to rely on anyone. It was awful.

Although I didn’t want to burden anyone, I was really grateful when Dave and Aaron chose to stay with me.  Aaron wasn’t feeling too crash hot himself. He was convinced he had some bug too. Despite having blisters all over his feet, Dave walked 16km to the nearest village with a chemist to buy some medication and hydration for us. We didn’t know if it was a virus or something in the water or what we had eaten. Dave wasn’t sick so we didn’t think it was the food. The guys made me drink the hydralights and tried to get me to eat as well. I couldn’t keep anything down. I managed to eat half a banana all day.

I phoned my loved ones at home to let them know how I was feeling. It was the last thing my family wanted to hear. I told them that I’d be okay and that it was probably just a bug. I didn’t want to worry them but all I could keep thinking was that I needed to get to a hospital.

I’d traveled a total of 440km and I was determined not to let this stop me. I didn’t care how long I had to rest to get better, stopping was not an option.

Awareness Gained Along The Way

You can put your body under stress and not listen to what it’s trying to tell you but after awhile it will start shutting down until you do.

A day of rest and sleep was exactly what my body needed.

Actions speak louder than words. By doing what he did to help me, Dave showed that he cared and valued our friendship. It was refreshing.

I like to be as independent as possible but I needed help this day. The universe reminded me that we can’t do it alone all of the time.

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