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Rachel’s Smoked Salmon, Avo, Poached Egg Breakfast

Rachel likes to whip this little breaky meal up, we hope you like it as much as she does

You need

Smoked salmon
Cherry tomatoes
Dash of balsamic vinegar
Slice multigrain toash
1/4 Avocado
1 egg
tablespoon Flaxoil


Fry up in a pan spinach & tomatoes. Poached the egg, toast 1 slice of multigrain bread, cover with 1/4 avocado smashed up on it, 1 poached egg, then layer with a tablespoon of flaxoil.
Love Rachel Head
rachel head

Client Stories: Meet Shelagh Brennand


In June 2008 I moved to Australia with my husband David and son Patrick for a better life and settled in nicely, giving our son the life he deserved. This was the life we dreamed of. Sunshine, outdoor life and more family time and family fun. I always thought I was a reasonably fit, healthy person and everything was going smoothly until April 2013 when I suffered a mild stroke. Our life was turned upside down. I could no longer work due to fatigue and my brain worked much slower than it used to. I was a Police Officer for 25 years in the UK and a Private Investigator here in Australia, so this lack of brain function and daily fatigue hit me really hard. I suffered post stroke depression and spent several months in and out of bed. Life was not good.

I first met Melinda from MABPT two years prior to my stroke when I participated in the Pretty In Pink Bra Breast Cancer Walkathon which she organised, and saw her enthusiasm and dedication with everything she did. So, in January 2014, nine months post stroke, I had gained a few kilos, slept most afternoons and felt my life was going nowhere and I knew I needed to change. I met with Melinda and she believed in me and gave me the confidence to rebuild my life. I start training and took part in one of her eight week mind and body challenges. By May 2014, I had lost 9 kilos, lost 27cms and lost heaps of body fat. Most of all, my mind was in a much better place and within weeks of training, my afternoon naps became infrequent. I participated in the MAB bootcamps, climbed mountains, began running and through the MAB network of like minded clients, I felt motivated and alive for the first time in ages. But could this last?

It is now January 2015. I have maintained my weight loss through regular training and with one MAB PT session a week and two MAB bootcamps, plus personal fitness, I am living and once again loving life. My regular naps have become a thing of the past and I manage my fatigue well. I have met some amazing people who continue to inspire me and give me the motivation to continue in my fitness quest. My goals are simple….to continue to love and live the life I have.

The two photos I have chosen are worlds apart. The one taken in April 2013 was ten days post stroke. I was ill, I had lost my sparkle and although trying to smile, I hurt so much inside, as I felt I had lost my life. I have never posted this photo before but wanted to show what MAB have done for me. The one taken in December 2014 was in celebration of those who participated in another MAB challenge. I think it speaks for itself. I have chosen one with Melinda as I feel she has shared my journey. My sparkle has returned!

Shelagh Brennand


shelagh brennand

MAB Wrap up for the year 2014

WOW what a year! After reading the final blog of 2013 and watching the attached video, it hit me what a massive year 2014 has been. It’s been so much fun that I haven’t even had the time to blog about it! So much has happened and I have so many amazing moments to share with you.

I personally started the year off with a bang with a spontaneous trip to New Zealand for an adventurous birthday with close friends that continue to bring out the best in me. This inspired me and planted the seed for more adventure in 2014. It gave me clarity of what I wanted to achieve in 2014 and it gave me time to connect with myself to set my intention. My intention was to live an adventurous happy fun healthy life and do everything with so much love and passion. Now that, my friends, is exactly what happened! By sharing this blog i hope to inspire you to be clear of your intention because you will manifest exactly what you intend to. It’s amazing to realise that you can create the life you desire and that you can use the power of choice to choose how you want to live your life.



Highlights of 2014


  • New Zealand Adventure
  • Mtn Tibro Climb for the first time for a group of MAB clients
  • Tamborine National Park
  • Hervey Bay long weekdend adventure
  • Weekend adventure to Cairns

Photo 31-12-2014 1 46 35 pm


  • Spartan Race
  • Flied a plane
  • ½ marathon & experienced what pushing the limits actually means
  • MAB Challenge round 5, We did rock climbing, we did night mountain climbs, we did kayaking, we meditated, we pole danced

Photo 31-12-2014 1 47 43 pmPhoto 31-12-2014 1 48 10 pmPhoto 7-08-2014 12 59 55 pm


  • Pretty in pink bra walkathon, we raised $7,000
  • Commando Bootcamp
  • Challenge Dinner Celebration
  • New Zealand Adventure
  • Happy Day Weekend, we raised $700 for animal refuge and created the Happy Video Sunshine Coast

Commando-Morning-Session-019 IMG_7095Photo 31-12-2014 1 51 04 pmPhoto 17-05-2014 6 58 47 pm


  • June Charity Sunset Climb for James Tree Life
  • Cave Route Mtn Tibro
  • Caloundra Fun Run
  • Run Australia


  • Melbourne Adventure
  • 30 adventures, 30 days, 30 dollars, we climbed every mountain on the sunny coast and walked Kondalilla falls and had loads of fun

Photo 31-12-2014 1 48 31 pmMel and hana Photo 27-07-2014 2 02 05 pm


  • Mtn Warning Adventure
  • Tough Mudder
  • Fitness Expo
  • Sunshine Coast Young Business Woman Of The Year Winner
  • Mega bootcamp
  • Sunshine Coast ½ Marathon

Photo 31-12-2014 1 53 49 pm10726294_10152453263512828_1623344383_n


  • Thailand Adventure
  • Sunshine Coast Everest Challenge with Kim while Mel had her adventure holiday in Nepal and Thailand

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto 6-10-2014 2 34 11 am Photo 6-10-2014 2 36 20 am


  • Color Run
  • Pole Festival
  • Le Club
  • Sunshine Coast Adventure Mind Body 8 Week Challenge
  • The Beautiful  You Cancer Charity
  • 6 multi mountain adventure for the challenge



  • Amazing Race for challenge
  • Bike adventure and Aqua water park


  • Challenge Dinner
  • MAB Christmas party
  • Christmas Mega Bootcamp

140080-0001 small10848042_813724305354923_5426850803220802354_n 10393556_813610738699613_4084623729171827171_n


  • Many awesome bootcamps
  • Many awesome personal training sessions
  • Many awesome moments
  • Many awesome kayak, mountain & hiking adventures
  • Many awesome adventures


2014 was an amazing year for a number of my clients too. Karen, Renee, Bay and Christie all had babies. Jen conquered the Great Wall of China and Mt Kinabalu. Ray and Sharyn went to the snow for an adventure holiday and Amanda and Jeff hiked Tasmania. Fran completed her first 10km run and Toni her first ½ marathon. Macushla, Robyn and Toni experienced their first tough mudder. Mandy overcame her fears of ab sailing at Kangaroo Point. Tania achieved a 26min hover. Kim faced her fear of heights and climbed Mt Tibro. Kathi climbed her first mountain. Meg and Rob star jumped in Hawaii. Kathryn and Leannne completed the Pink Pearl 60km Walk for Cancer. And the list goes on… everyone achieved so much and had an awesome, fun, adventurous year.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to making 2014 an awesome year for MAB. You all rock and you all matter. A massive thank you goes to Kim Bowmaker for playing such a huge part in making the MAB team so awesome.

I would like to say thank you to all of my amazing clients for giving me the privilege of helping you this year. I love each and every one of you. A special mention goes to my long term clients who have been around for many years. I am truly touched and thankful for your loyalty, love, respect and friendship. I look forward to creating more awesomeness in 2014.

A huge thank you also goes to the many local businesses for their support and sponsorships in both the challenges and fundraising events. It is uplifting to see the community come together to create positive change and I am grateful to be part of such a giving community.

And finally… I would like to thank my family and friends for their ongoing love and support. You all put up with my crazy ideas and then support me with them even when they seem impossible, most importantly you were all there when I needed you most when I was challenged with my health in 2014. I love you all xox

My wish for you for 2015 is that you set aside some time for yourself, spend time in nature and do what makes you feel alive. Be clear of your intention.

I am grateful for every moment and connection in 2014. As I sit here in my hotel room in Vancouver, Canada – 16 hours behind all of you at home – I am getting excited for all that 2015 will bring. I know it will be whatever I choose it to be, it will be whatever I create… now that’s exciting!!

Let’s all set a MAB group intention to live an adventurous, happy, healthy, active, fun life with awesome people, and of course… do lots of starjumps as life is totally worth celebrating!!




Photo 24-10-2014 4 44 14 pm

Love Mel x

Why Fitness – Issue 2 – Adventure Matters – Why Kayak


Fitness does matter when it allows you to enjoy more adventures in your life. In this issue, we look at kayaking.

There are so many amazing places to kayak on the Sunshine Coast, no matter what level you are.

Imagine this adventure – it’s a gorgeous sunny day and Pumicestone Passage is so glassy you can see your reflection. You and your family and/or friends kayak over to Bribie Island, taking in the sounds of the ocean, the view of the waterways and even spot a few stingrays on the way. You enjoy a packed picnic and then chill out for a while with a swim at the beach or relax and read a book before kayaking back. What an amazing few hours, or why not make it a full day adventure? It’s easy if you have your own kayaks, but also surprisingly inexpensive if you hire them – not to mention it’s great exercise and good for the soul.

Here are some other places on the coast where you can find glassy, calm waters for a kayaking adventure with your friends and family:

  • ƒƒCurrimundi Lake
  • ƒƒNoosa River
  • ƒƒMaroochydore River
  • ƒƒMooloolaba canals
  • ƒƒKawana Lake
  • ƒƒPumicestone Passage

So WHY kayak?

  • It improves cardiovascular fitness.
  • It increases muscle strength, particularly in the back, arms, shoulders and chest (from moving the paddle).
  • It increases torso and leg strength, as the strength to power for a kayak comes mainly from rotating the torso and applying pressure with your legs.
  • It reduces the risk of wear and tear on joints and tissues, since paddling is a low impact activity.
  • Kayaking can be peaceful and meditative or it can be exhilarating, depending on where and how you do it.
  • Paddling is a great way to enjoy our waterways.
  • It allows you to get your ‘fix’ of nature.

Adventure is addictive. It is contagious, it is fun, it is living. Connect with nature, connect with friends and get fit while doing so.

In the next issue we will take on the adventure of hiking!


MAB Mudders TOUGH MUDDER Sunshine Coast 2013

MAB Mudders completed the Tough Mudder Sunshine Coast with smiles, watch the below video…

They choose to do it for a number of reasons and let’s find out why and how they feel now.

Firstly, Captain MAB Mudder – Melinda Bingley Age 30, Owner of MAB Personal Training & Adventures, she was so excited when Tough Mudder announced Sunshine Coast and knew many clients would be keen so she put it out there for a team and so many were so fearful to do it, she encourage them to do it with the support of coaching them physically and mentally with the lead up of the event, we asked Melinda what she got out of TM, her reply was ‘I loved every minute, it was great to see everyone put the effort in on the day as a team, I was most of all proud of my team and secondly I loved the unknown being the first Tough Mudder event I have completed, I am always up for a new challenge, my favourite part was the Monkey Bars because I had a goal to get through it and I was thrilled to make it without slipping off, I was surprised how freezing the Arctic Enema was and amazed how scared I was with the walk the plank, overall I found it fun and look forward to go a little harder next Tough Mudder I participate in’

Peita Murphy 32 Year old married mum of 2 boys aged 4 & 7, full time worker being a Staff Compliance & accounts Manager plus/Personal Trainer, if we asked her what she got out of TM, her reply was ‘My body is more capable of much more than I thought’ If we asked what was her favourite part and why, her reply was ‘Making it across the monkey bars and through the ice’ and finally what was her most challenging part, her reply being ‘Running 17km covered in mud across uneven ground’

Tania Leitch – 39 Year old married mum of 3 children, Hairdresser, if we asked her what she got out of TM, her reply was ‘Tough Mudder has made me realise how strong I can be both physically and mentally and just how rewarding kicking that self-doubt to the kerb can be’ If we asked what her favourite part was and why, her reply was ‘My favourite part was definitely the MAB team spirit and the fact we all worked so well together. The artic enema was by far the most exhilarating’ and finally what was her most challenging part, her reply, ‘I found the running to be the most challenging and will definitely concentrate on my running fitness for next year… yes I’ll be back. Lol’

Chere Garland – 35 Year old married mum of 3 children aged 2, 5 & 7. Part time worker in retail, and when we asked her what she got out of TM ‘I really enjoyed how we were there for each other as a team, particularly as we hadn’t known each other long. My goal was to get across the monkey bars and make it across the 17ks. I failed the monkey bars but I tried. Artic enema was my fav, gave the body a real kick start and felt alive. The hardest part was running the distance especially on the uneven ground. Coming away from this event has made me want to challenge myself more physically. Maybe I will run a half marathon yet… Lol’

Emma Buckingham – 34 year old Marketing Manager married to co team member Dean Buckingham, when we asked her what she got out of TM ‘That I can push myself and challenge myself more than I think I can. Great sense of achievement, Artic Enema was my favourite as it mentally challenged me the most but the running was the hardest on my body and the uneven ground.

Jules Mushy Hosking – 51 year old retired mum of a 13year old, when we asked Jules what she got out of TM, her reply was ‘I can conquer anything ages is no barrier, I found the entire course physical & mental challenging & brilliant team work.. The Tunnels were my ultimate fear & challenge being severe Claustrophobia.. I was determined to face my fear & conquer it, I came out a new person. My son asked me that morning to do it for him.. & said mum don’t be afraid I am with you… an experience I’ll never forget..

Michelle Van Mulken – 29, public health research fellow, no kids: I started as a runner, but always liked it to challenge myself in different ways, I did many triathlons before and absolutely fell in love with obstacles courses when I did the Stampede last year. The Tough Mudder was a lot harder, which I loved, because if it’s not a challenge, it’s boring to me. I wasn’t able to get all the way across on the monkey bars, but that leaves something to work on for next time! I loved all obstacles and loved the fun, team spirit within our team and among others as even people outside of your team would give you a hand when needed. I think such events are so good for the Sunshine Coast: 1) getting people off the couch and 2) draw tourism to the Coast. Loving it!!

Leigh Schrieber – 35 year old car detailer, if we asked what he got out of TM, his reply was ‘Awesome team effort, I’ll do it again, I enjoyed everything but sadly I didn’t make the top of Everest, next year!

Overall MAB Mudders had 7 women and 4 men, they all had a ball and they all showed true team effort, they had a buddy-up system, always 2 or 3 people were together and made sure they got through each obstacle and all met on the other side of each obstacle with a high five to keep moving.

MAB Mudders looked awesome too, thanks to Rumba Resort for the sponsorship with tops.

So if you’re considering Tough Mudder, give it a go, you can do anything if you believe you can 🙂