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Clients Say

Annette Eastwell“Inspirational, passionate and devoted to her clients, motivating them to achieve their physical and personal goals.” Annette Eastwell






Ellie Hutchins“Over the last 2 years, MAB has empowered me with a knowledge of fitness and nutrition enabling me to make positive long-term changes to my lifestyle and mindset. I have met new fitness challenges I would have never thought possible at my age and now I’m hooked, thanks Mel.” Ellie Hutchins




 Tania Leitch“MAB Personal Training & Adventures has and continues to inspire me to want more physically and personally and to be strong, confident and healthy in a fun and positive way.” Tania Leitch




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“MAB Provides me with support, encouragement, motivation and the tools to live a healthier & happier lifestyle.” Kym McMahon






Mandy White“Melinda is an inspirational trainer who has motivated me to achieve my fitness goals. Her patience, skill and understanding have helped me to become fitter, weigh less and feel younger. Melinda has a unique approach that combines fitness and adventure to open new doors for her clients, supporting them to meet the challenges she sets. I am so grateful that she is part of my life.” Mandy White