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Melinda Bingley Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Ngungun


MAB Personal Training & Adventures is all about making fitness fun and adventurous, it’s about helping people find their strength and confidence within which will help in all areas of their lives.

Mind And Body is also about focusing deeper than just the body, challenging people’s minds, being aware of how their thoughts can stop people from achieving their goals

Both mentally and physically, get out doors, live life, smile, breath, laugh and most of all Love.

Options of private gym studio, bootcamps and outdoor mountain/ kayak adventures to achieve all health and fitness goals, whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, toning, body transformation, fitness/strength improvements, team building or self-development, MAB creates results and makes it fun while doing so.

Creating people’s lives to be a contagious adventure.


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MAB Adventure Wear is all about making adventure beautiful, it’s about empowering women to feel beautiful while climbing mountains, hiking, or whatever adventure they choose to do, Melinda’s passion for creating Adventure Wear came about after she couldn’t find anything available that matched how she felt on the inside, ‘beautiful’ instead she felt like she looked like a boy in her functional clothes that didn’t leave rashes from the backpack or rashes on the legs from long hours of hiking. So now Melinda is proud and excited to share her beautiful adventure wear with many women because her mission is to inspire people to live a happy, healthy, active, adventurous lifestyle.

MAB Adventure Wear has been tested and approved by Melinda Bingley over many months of many mountains and many km hiking and it is only made with the best technology and best quality, the only way Melinda was able to ensure this was to get it made locally here on the Sunshine Coast Australia


Melinda Bingley (Personal Trainer) - Fitness is Fun on the Sunshine Coast


Mind and Body 

Melinda Anne Bingley

Making Adventure Beautiful


WHY I DO IT – It’s my passion to live life to the fullest, eat clean, be active, be adventurous, get outdoors, to connect with nature because I believe that is where you connect with yourself at the deepest and healthiest level, the fulfilment I get from helping people achieve a healthy happy lifestyle is just so amazing and I have so much gratitude  for every day I help make a positive change in people’s lifestyles.



Live Big, Love Big, Dream Big & Do Lots Of Starjumps Because Life Is Totally Worth Celebrating






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