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Mel’s Journal

The Biggest Adventure Yet – Pregnancy

I’m lying awake in bed at 2:30am thinking tick tock tick tock about how I have been up 4 times to wee already, I am tired though tossing and turning wondering about when bub will arrive, will we need to be induced early and then thinking about my PT clients I have early morning and then I felt this overwhelm to share my thoughts as the biggest thing with this pregnancy it has given me more compassion for women, especially how and why so many don’t share their journey with fear of judgement, more compassion for women that feel that they have to be strong & simply suck it up because millions of mums daily are giving birth to babies, it’s just what women do, my goodness we are amazing, WOMEN! I’ve had many people say, you look amazing, your glowing and I do feel more beautiful than ever though this pregnancy has not been a cruisy ride, I wanted to keep it real by sharing the ride, the challenges, the gifts, its perfect example of any big adventure in life, life can life, just simply stop, embrace each challenge, trust in love, choose to see the gift and choose to move forward.

Mel & Blase Announcement


The love story of how it started with myself and Blase ‘When asking each other what’s one dream in life that we haven’t experience yet, we slept on the question and “came together” the next day, & on the count of three we both replied…. “having a bubba”. Our hearts open we trusted the universe would gift us a child when it was meant to be. No other time than the present moment we received our greatest adventure yet. We are both full of gratitude and excited to announce we are expecting a baby boy March 2018. To live, to love, to learn, to evolve, to make mistakes, bring it all on, we are super pumped and ready to embrace all that is ahead of us’




Now being 37 weeks pregnant, what a journey it has already been, the biggest constant lesson of surrendering to the uncontrollable. Let me take you on my journey, not anyone else’s, just mine, the fears and challenges that have popped up along the way. It started with first the pressure if I can conceive, the ‘fear’ in the back of the head, what if I can’t, what if it takes a year, what if I need to have IVF like many other friends (more and more common these days). Though ‘we’ chose to trust in Love and simply be open to receive the gift of life when it was meant to be and boom it happened. Then oh my, don’t tell anyone until 12 weeks, so fear based driven, because the risk of miscarried or early detection, this was something myself and Blase chose to share with people that loved and cared for us, my moto is to do everything from love, not fear, so if I trusted in love, no matter how that looked, I knew that I would want loved ones for support around me and also during those first 12 weeks the pressure of being ‘ok’ when the hormone in-balances were going nuts, one moment being amazing, the next moment crying because my partner cooked lamb shanks and I don’t like meat on bones. The extreme tiredness and fatigue that was so real. I am grateful I had support during that time, I couldn’t imagine having morning sickness on top of that pressure and ‘trying’ to hide it all from clients/friends/family. I feel if more woman reached out, they would feel more supported, more loved, not alone and especially if something did happen like a miscarried they didn’t have to do it alone and also the partners too, they need support during that time too.


Life, business, pregnancy, I tried to do it all as the pressure I put on myself daily to be my best is simply what I do and well, didn’t my body tell me otherwise, surrender, surrender, surrender, I got two lots of ‘cold/flu’ sickness that lasted 2-3 weeks both times, I lost my voice and just getting out of bed was a challenge, I felt weak as I don’t get sick ‘was my expectation’ and I couldn’t train how I wanted to, I was super prepared with my training since being a health/fitness/wellness professional and qualified in pre & postnatal pregnancy, my obstetrician was very supportive of me doing the training my body was so use to, just back a notch etc, this being the general rule. The first trimester I did listen to my body though, even though I wanted to train in my mind, I took it back when I needed to, I had simply surrender and adapt the sail and just take one day at a time. Then to spice the first trimester up a little more, my body reminded me of its previous surgery, bowel obstruction and liver laceration which resulted in a scar approx. 25cm long vertically down my midline of my tummy and with scar tissues comes adhesions which I am very familiar with, well two mini bowel obstructions from the adhesions in the first trimester put my level of fear up for what lies ahead and instantly reinforce to stay away from ‘food’ that stirs it up like ‘bread, steak, heavy food’ I had to stay true in my belief of trust in love and not stress as for me, when my body stresses the first place that holds it, is my tummy. The constant stretching of the scar hasn’t tickled though reminds me daily the gift of life.

Baby Grinner

The Scans…. the 14-week scan detected early bilobed placenta praevia (shaped like a butterfly) right over my cervix (blob each side) and a short cervix so this changed a few things, increased chance of c-section, so on top of being told NO, you cannot attend the active meditation, no you cannot eat this, eat that, no, you cannot fly to India (what an entire new blog this gift). I was now told, no you cannot run, no you cannot have sexual intercourse (YEP), no you cannot do a starjump, no you cannot lift weights, basically all the things I loved and kept me sane. So as soon as I got my head around that and simply focused on what I could do, I could still climb (gently walk) up mountains, kayak, walk, lower level body weigh exercises, yoga etc though this was a massive awareness of my own expectations/challenges I put on myself and also driven from comparing to others, how their pregnancy looked. I had people look at me weird, why would you want to even want to ‘jog’ or have ‘sex’ and then from the other scale hearing of  others doing the ‘jogging’ and raving about their sex drive during pregnancy etc So the lesson for me, was to take away all expectations, and simply take a day at a time, stop comparing to others and look for the gifts. It forced me to be gentler on myself, it forced myself and my partner to connect other ways.


My 18 & 24-week scan checking the placenta and cervix was still the same though on a positive the cervix was no shorter. Though let’s spice it up at 25 weeks with Gestational Diabetes, yep apparently, it’s genetic, nan had diabetes, great nan plus mum’s brother. After going WTF, I am one of the healthiest people I know, how/why, though I trusted it was an opportunity to learn, after a torture talk I had to listen to that QLD diabetes put on for a group of pregnant women with guidelines of what to eat was an entire awareness unlocked, how messed up the system is, lets educate people to eat low fat, high sugar food because this yogurt with fruit is better than this one, or this rice is better than this one, oh wait, when I suggested cauliflower is a great substitute instead of rice,  I was shut down and said that was a bit extreme. I believe if the nutrition information that is out there these days were updated with the organisations that people ‘Trust’ and ‘Listen to’ then less people would need to have insulin to manage levels or at least lesser dosage etc. I was able to manage my sugar levels testing them 4 times a day, doing my food diary and simply staying away from starchy carbs which I live by anyway, high protein, good fat, real food diet. Though I was ‘stressing’ my morning fasting reading was all over the place, so then I advised to go for a walk after dinner, ekkkkkk this was challenging considering I was up at 5am, active day as it was and then ‘more’ though I did it, around 7:30pm most nights with swollen sore feet which resulted in tears many evenings, some mornings my readings were ok, some were not ok, some nights my dinner was too early, some were too late, my scan showed that bub was larger around his tummy so the next action was insulin in the evenings only a small dose 4units. Two size scans since and bub is still bigger than they like though levels are managed and awaiting instructions this week if induction will be early pending the size of bub. The biggest gift with gestational diabetes has been reinforcement as to why I choose to eat ‘healthy’ yes, I am human and love my dinners out and treats though when it can affect the health of my baby, doesn’t that put ‘health’ into a different perspective. It also reinforces why I encourage my clients to eat ‘healthy’ real food, stay away from packet food, yes, we all have some genetics we cannot dodge though we can totally look after ourselves and sugar is one of the biggest issues in today’s diet. STOP EATING CRAP PEOPLES!


Another gift of the GD, brings me to I have I express a little milk (Colostrum) before bub arrives if I can, I tried it last night for the first time and that was an interesting experience. Though seriously women? How much pressure/expectations are there to breastfeed, daily I get different opinions based on people’s own experience, some saying, persist, don’t give up, breast feeding is a must, then others saying, it’s too hard, don’t bother, then others saying express, it makes life so much easier, talk about confusion…. And then on top of that, what if milk doesn’t come in etc, once again fear comes up from pressure/expectations, reminder this is my journey, it will be what it will be, I have intention to breast feed and will go day by day. I simply want to ride this wave and support other mums to do the same.


Baby Shower


The gift of surrender, after surrendering to the likelihood of my birth to be a c-section with my placenta praevia, I was over the moon my 32-week scan showed that my butterfly shaped placenta had moved, OMG what a surprise, ‘unexpected’ we instantly booked in for calm birth class with the possibility of a natural birth.  I am so glad that I did let go of all my expectations around this and totally surrendered, my surprise showed me how much I did surrender and then funnily enough raised new expectations when talking about the birth ‘preferences’ with my partner, he wanted to say no drugs etc, I shared how putting that restriction creates more pressure, I have intention though as below I mention ‘no attachment’ I want do embrace the wave I am riding and have power with my choice in each moment. Trust Trust Trust. It’s funny though how many people pretty much laughed at us with doing calm birthing classes, which just is cementing where the belief systems come from, so fear based, yes it will be painful, though having tools to embrace it instead of fight it and tense up more seems like an awesome investment.








The stress pregnancy has put on my relationship with Blase is another story, plus going into business together at the same time is additional gifts of pressure, it’s easy for the guy to forget the woman is pregnant, they have no idea how the body aches and pains feel, the vulnerability of not being able to do what you normally do and the constant fatigue, and not to mention my own miss independent women ‘story’ that I have created the life I want and now have to put my hand up and say ‘hey, I need some help’ I have had to step into vulnerability and simply adapt to how business now looks, evolving, changing, creating a life for our ‘family’ now. The biggest thing during our journey has been communication, I have to admit, I can suck at communicating, thanks to my mentors Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles for having great tools to help and we also reached out to Shems Heartwell a relationship coach to help us with our stuff to ensure we have tools to help us when bub arrives as its no hidden secret that life will life more when bub arrives. It’s about having courage and not pretending everything is like roses and simply asking for help and support when needed. It’s about taking responsibility that we are doing what we can do to better ourselves as individuals. Relationships are not happiness, relationships are opportunity of growth and about combining your own inner happiness together.



As I am typing this, it reminds me of my carpal tunnel, my aching lower back, and my feet aching as they are down, OUCH, I am actually going to pause my blog and finish off later as my hands are hurting, probably for a month now, I wake and throughout the evening and can’t even grip my body pillow to move it as they are so painful and not functioning.


Back to the blog now after my morning sessions, running my own business, when to stop ‘work’ was the hardest thing to surrender to of all, for starters I love what I do, and secondly to put trust in the amazing trainers I have to look after my long-term clients. Though I am finally surrendering after hitting a wall two weeks ago of burn out because simply I was doing too much, I have physically only two more days left of sessions and then I will manage the business and support from the rest positon as I transition into motherhood. Already the past two weeks from slowing down the feedback has been amazing about my awesome team trainers Belinda & Jodie, the clients love them, they both have unique gifts which make them uniquely awesome trainers. It’s about trusting in life forever changing and now this is my turn to really look after myself. I trust the next part of my journey will create even more passion to inspire ‘all’ to live a happy, healthy, active, adventurous life, LOL I just had a giggle, that’s another entire topic, peoples own experiences and judgements projecting onto me, saying things like ‘you won’t be climbing mountains when bub arrives’ pfffffff well that’s for me to decide, I am so excited about what is coming next, the challenges, the gifts of awareness, the growth, I am so excited for including bub with MAB Personal Training & Adventures and also our sister business Experientia Sunshine Coast, only two weeks ago I took a kayak session with 10 women over to ‘Mel’s Escape Island’ and only last week took a corporate group of 140 through a big beach Olympics, yes life will be different when bub arrives, I am not in denial about that, though it will be my journey to figure out, it’s about being aware of the expectations/pressure on self and also by others and detaching from them, having intention to see what I want to create, is powerful…  I feel if more women picked up others and supported others that ‘anything’ is possible it would empower more women, rather than disempowering them with fear. That look that I have been given by so many mums ‘ahhh you have no idea’ hasn’t been very supportive and I will ensure I give more of a look ‘you’ve got this’ to newly mums that I encounter in the future because I have really appreciated that empowered womanhood look by a many mums that I am grateful for. Once again, pregnancy, motherhood, business-hood, life-hood, relationship-hood, is all about our own journey, not anyone else’s.


Well wrapping up this blog as I have some nesting to do, the walls have all been sugar soaped cleaned and now I have a few cupboards I want to clean out, crazy nesting stuff….


This blog has been great reflection going into birth any day now to let go of expectations etc, how my birth will look like, yes, I have my intention without attachment to outcome, though my goodness, so much pressure again, natural water birth, no pain medication to c-section etc…. it will be what it will be, ‘CALM is my super power’ as a beautiful friend quoted in my baby shower card that I only re-read yesterday. And then will come the after birth, the pressure/expectations loss of weight gain, getting my body back, SERIOUSLY the crazy shit that goes on in a women’s head, calm my farm, calm your farm if your reading this and simply enjoy each moment that it is, be present, remember this is your journey like this is mine, there is no right or wrong and there is no comparing as everyone’s body is different and everyone’s experience is different, that’s what makes life so interesting.


All of these ‘things’ ‘challenges’ ‘obstacles’ are all that, it’s just part of my journey, and most of them will be gone and a distant memory when my gorgeous bub arrives though what a journey it has been.


Feel free to private message me if you want to share gifts of your journey and women, ladies, chicks, queens, goddesses, stand together raising each other up because we are pretty freaking amazing.


Melinda Bingley



Much Love

Mel x

Making Adventure Beautiful

I have so much gratitude to all

When I decided I wanted to create adventure wear because I felt I looked like a tom boy in all my adventure photos and believed I could create a product that was functional and beautiful, I never knew how amazing it would feel seeing people all over making adventure beautiful in MAB Adventure Wear.

I want to personally Thank every person that has supported my vision and purchased MAB Adventure Wear, my heart is so full of gratitude that so many of you appreciate making adventure beautiful as much as me.

Feedback is what I love most from happy customers like Justin Jaxon

I have to share how much I love my adventure wear. So comfortable and the colours actually contribute to feeling happy. I love the pockets on the side for my key and phone. Great length so no riding up when I run. Hardest thing about this awesome product was choosing which colour and style to buy first. Cant wait to purchase more

Justine Jaxon

And what brings me most joy of all, is to see so many beautiful ladies getting outdoors, connecting with nature and totally rocking their MAB adventure wear over the Sunshine Coast, Australia, right where it is manufactured.

Much Love

Mel x

Justine Jaxon Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Ngungun

Justine Jaxon Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Ngungun

Shelagh Brennand Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Cooroora

Shelagh Brennand Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Cooroora


Jesseca Paans & Meah Whelan Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Ngungun

Jesseca Paans & Meah Whelan Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Ngungun










Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Tibgrogargan

Jane Robinson Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Tibgrogargan













Sussi Eriksson Making Adventure Beautiful on "Mels Escape Island" also know as Bribie Island

Sussi Eriksson Making Adventure Beautiful on “Mels Escape Island” also know as Bribie Island

Lisa Harrison Making Adventure Beautiful

Lisa Harrison Making Adventure Beautiful



















Andrea Murphy Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Coolum

Andrea Murphy Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Coolum

Karen Dickinson Making Adventure Beautiful

Karen Dickinson Making Adventure Beautiful
















Natalie Hopkinson Making Adventure Beautiful at MAB Studio

Natalie Hopkinson Making Adventure Beautiful at MAB Studio

Debbie Heirdsfield Making Adventure Beautiful at MAB Studio

Debbie Heirdsfield Making Adventure Beautiful at MAB Studio















Amy Woods Making Adventure Beautiful at MAB Studio

Amy Woods Making Adventure Beautiful at MAB Studio

Debbie Bingley Making Adventure Beautiful at MAB Studio

Debbie Bingley Making Adventure Beautiful at MAB Studio

















Megan Dive Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Cooroora

Megan Dive Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Cooroora

Tanya Bradshaw Making Adventure Beautiful at MAB Studio

Tanya Bradshaw Making Adventure Beautiful at MAB Studio














Sofie Formica Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Cootha

Sofie Formica Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Cootha

Gorgeous Porche Making Adventure Beautiful at Currimundi Lake

Gorgeous Porche Making Adventure Beautiful at Currimundi Lake


Melinda Bingley Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Tibrogargan

Melinda Bingley Making Adventure Beautiful on Mount Tibrogargan

MAB Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas all, what a year 2015 backing up 2014, time flies when your having fun right? well certainly did in my case, I had intention to blog so much and that didn’t go to plan.  It’s life really, it doesn’t always go to plan, its about adapting to changes, embracing the challenges which makes the ride so much more fun, speaking of ride, let me share the ride of 2015 that included so many awesome moments with so many awesome people.

I personally started the year in Canada & San Francisco, I felt I didnt’t get back into the swing of things till February. I knew I had a big year ahead though writing this I am still over whelmed at how big it was, once again the power of intention, be clear and you can manifest what you desire, also this year I did adjust and adapt by cancelling events that I just didn’t have the energy to do after Africa as that was the most  amazing experience ever and also it took loads of energy out of me, more so when I got back I just wanted to process all the gifts of the trip.

Highlights of 2015


  • MAB 30 Adventure Lifestyle Challenge
  • Canada & San Fransico Adventure
  • Magic Mindset Weekend



  • Painted my house (now that was a moment to remember)
  • MAB Mount Kili Team started training
  • MAB 10 week Challenge round 7 kicked off


  • MAB 10 week Challenge round 7, We did wake boarding, outrigged, Aerial Silk/Lyra Training
  • MAB guest trainer for Annette Sym Wellness Retreat


  • MAB Studio 4th Year BIrthday  (MAB Olympics)
  • MAB 10 week Challenge round 7, we entertained caloundra with the Amazing Race, we climbed 6 mountains in one day
  • Pretty in pink bra walkathon, we sent Dimity and her family to Disney Land, had over 500 people attend


  • Amy Woods Joined our team
  • MAB started Big Boing Sessions
  • MAB Skydive Adventure for Kims Birthday
  • Caloundra Netball Team Bootcamp
  • Challenge Dinner Celebration


  •  Mount Warning Mindfit Weekend Adventure with an awesome crew
  • Give me 5 for kids charity golf day



  • MAB won Westfund Hero Award
  • New Zealand Adventure, Bungy Swing Jump, Horse Ride through NZ, Helicopter over Milford Sound, Paraglided, Hiked, Snow Boarded
  • 30 adventures, 30 days, 30 dollars, we did so many mountains and adventures


  • Lip Sync Competition for Beautiful You Charity
  • Sunshine Coast Womens Lifestyle Expo
  • MAB Adventure Wear Released
  • Miss Muddy
  • Mega bootcamp fun


  • MAB Africa Adventure Mount Kilimanjaro, myself & the team, Pippa, Chris, Julie, Tegan, Russ, Ben 1, Ben 2 and Robyn  – AMAZING
  • Trekking with the Gorillas – AMAZING



  • Charity Golf Day for CHARGE Syndrome
  • Pole Festival
  • Myself, Amy & Kim did 500 burpees each
  • Full Moon Night Climb
  • MAB Adventure Wear nominated in Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival Awards
  • Amy & Kim Fun day at Caloundra Christian College


  • MAB Pt & Adventures finalist Sunshine Coast Business Awards
  • Monday Mad Mission
  • 6 multi mountain adventure for the challenge


  • All stock in for MAB Adventure Wear
  • MAB 12 days till Christmas, workouts, adventures & recipes
  • Weeks of awesomness left


  • Many awesome bootcamps
  • Many awesome personal training sessions
  • Many awesome moments
  • Many awesome kayak, mountain & hiking adventures
  • Many awesome adventures

Paige, Geri, Cassie & Kate have all had babies, and so many people achieved so much, Shelagh launched her book, Debbie launched her business,  Bay did the Blackall 100, Jen graduated as Dr Jen, Leanne Travelled the world, Sue, Mandy, & Anne travelled US, Janene did South America, Renee, Shelagh, Geri, Janene, Michelle, & Amy did Miss Muddy, Justine & Laura did the Camino De Santiago, Justine, Jess, Natalie, Meah & Lisa did Mount Tibro for the first time, Bruce & Jeanette did Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Tania, Melissa, Toni & Jules did the great ocean road, Ray & Sharyn went on a bike Adventure through Switzerland, Austria, Germany & Lichtenstein, Michelle travelled Dubai, Joanne & Mark travelled Europe, Jane has been on many overseas adventures and off again for christmas, Vicki & Kim retired, OMG so much happened, everyone did have an amazing awesome fun adventurous year.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to making 2015 an awesome year for MAB. You all rock and you all matter. A massive thank you goes to Kim Bowmaker & Amy Woods for playing such a huge part in making the MAB team so awesome.

I would like to say thank you to all of my amazing clients for giving me the privilege of helping you this year. I love each and every one of you. A special mention goes to my long term clients who have been around for many years. I am truly touched and thankful for your loyalty, love, respect and friendship. I look forward to creating more awesomeness in 2015.

A huge thank you also goes to the many local businesses for their support and sponsorships in both the challenges and fundraising events. It is uplifting to see the community come together to create positive change and I am grateful to be part of such a giving community.

And finally… I would like to thank my family and friends for their ongoing love and support. You all put up with my crazy ideas and then support me with them even when they seem impossible. I love you all xox

My gift to you for 2016 be open to adjust your sail, be open to adapt to change, and most of all is to set some time aside for you, just you, sit in nature, feel inside what your heart wants, feel inside what makes you feel alive and do that, be clear of your intention. I will blog in detail about some big moments like Mount Kilimanjaro as I feel I have more to share with you all as sharing is caring. Right now though let’s all set a MAB group intention to live an adventurous, happy, healthy, active, fun life with awesome people, and of course, do lots of starjumps as life is totally worth celebrating

Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year


Love Mel x

MAB Wrap up for the year 2014

WOW what a year! After reading the final blog of 2013 and watching the attached video, it hit me what a massive year 2014 has been. It’s been so much fun that I haven’t even had the time to blog about it! So much has happened and I have so many amazing moments to share with you.

I personally started the year off with a bang with a spontaneous trip to New Zealand for an adventurous birthday with close friends that continue to bring out the best in me. This inspired me and planted the seed for more adventure in 2014. It gave me clarity of what I wanted to achieve in 2014 and it gave me time to connect with myself to set my intention. My intention was to live an adventurous happy fun healthy life and do everything with so much love and passion. Now that, my friends, is exactly what happened! By sharing this blog i hope to inspire you to be clear of your intention because you will manifest exactly what you intend to. It’s amazing to realise that you can create the life you desire and that you can use the power of choice to choose how you want to live your life.



Highlights of 2014


  • New Zealand Adventure
  • Mtn Tibro Climb for the first time for a group of MAB clients
  • Tamborine National Park
  • Hervey Bay long weekdend adventure
  • Weekend adventure to Cairns

Photo 31-12-2014 1 46 35 pm


  • Spartan Race
  • Flied a plane
  • ½ marathon & experienced what pushing the limits actually means
  • MAB Challenge round 5, We did rock climbing, we did night mountain climbs, we did kayaking, we meditated, we pole danced

Photo 31-12-2014 1 47 43 pmPhoto 31-12-2014 1 48 10 pmPhoto 7-08-2014 12 59 55 pm


  • Pretty in pink bra walkathon, we raised $7,000
  • Commando Bootcamp
  • Challenge Dinner Celebration
  • New Zealand Adventure
  • Happy Day Weekend, we raised $700 for animal refuge and created the Happy Video Sunshine Coast

Commando-Morning-Session-019 IMG_7095Photo 31-12-2014 1 51 04 pmPhoto 17-05-2014 6 58 47 pm


  • June Charity Sunset Climb for James Tree Life
  • Cave Route Mtn Tibro
  • Caloundra Fun Run
  • Run Australia


  • Melbourne Adventure
  • 30 adventures, 30 days, 30 dollars, we climbed every mountain on the sunny coast and walked Kondalilla falls and had loads of fun

Photo 31-12-2014 1 48 31 pmMel and hana Photo 27-07-2014 2 02 05 pm


  • Mtn Warning Adventure
  • Tough Mudder
  • Fitness Expo
  • Sunshine Coast Young Business Woman Of The Year Winner
  • Mega bootcamp
  • Sunshine Coast ½ Marathon

Photo 31-12-2014 1 53 49 pm10726294_10152453263512828_1623344383_n


  • Thailand Adventure
  • Sunshine Coast Everest Challenge with Kim while Mel had her adventure holiday in Nepal and Thailand

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto 6-10-2014 2 34 11 am Photo 6-10-2014 2 36 20 am


  • Color Run
  • Pole Festival
  • Le Club
  • Sunshine Coast Adventure Mind Body 8 Week Challenge
  • The Beautiful  You Cancer Charity
  • 6 multi mountain adventure for the challenge



  • Amazing Race for challenge
  • Bike adventure and Aqua water park


  • Challenge Dinner
  • MAB Christmas party
  • Christmas Mega Bootcamp

140080-0001 small10848042_813724305354923_5426850803220802354_n 10393556_813610738699613_4084623729171827171_n


  • Many awesome bootcamps
  • Many awesome personal training sessions
  • Many awesome moments
  • Many awesome kayak, mountain & hiking adventures
  • Many awesome adventures


2014 was an amazing year for a number of my clients too. Karen, Renee, Bay and Christie all had babies. Jen conquered the Great Wall of China and Mt Kinabalu. Ray and Sharyn went to the snow for an adventure holiday and Amanda and Jeff hiked Tasmania. Fran completed her first 10km run and Toni her first ½ marathon. Macushla, Robyn and Toni experienced their first tough mudder. Mandy overcame her fears of ab sailing at Kangaroo Point. Tania achieved a 26min hover. Kim faced her fear of heights and climbed Mt Tibro. Kathi climbed her first mountain. Meg and Rob star jumped in Hawaii. Kathryn and Leannne completed the Pink Pearl 60km Walk for Cancer. And the list goes on… everyone achieved so much and had an awesome, fun, adventurous year.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to making 2014 an awesome year for MAB. You all rock and you all matter. A massive thank you goes to Kim Bowmaker for playing such a huge part in making the MAB team so awesome.

I would like to say thank you to all of my amazing clients for giving me the privilege of helping you this year. I love each and every one of you. A special mention goes to my long term clients who have been around for many years. I am truly touched and thankful for your loyalty, love, respect and friendship. I look forward to creating more awesomeness in 2014.

A huge thank you also goes to the many local businesses for their support and sponsorships in both the challenges and fundraising events. It is uplifting to see the community come together to create positive change and I am grateful to be part of such a giving community.

And finally… I would like to thank my family and friends for their ongoing love and support. You all put up with my crazy ideas and then support me with them even when they seem impossible, most importantly you were all there when I needed you most when I was challenged with my health in 2014. I love you all xox

My wish for you for 2015 is that you set aside some time for yourself, spend time in nature and do what makes you feel alive. Be clear of your intention.

I am grateful for every moment and connection in 2014. As I sit here in my hotel room in Vancouver, Canada – 16 hours behind all of you at home – I am getting excited for all that 2015 will bring. I know it will be whatever I choose it to be, it will be whatever I create… now that’s exciting!!

Let’s all set a MAB group intention to live an adventurous, happy, healthy, active, fun life with awesome people, and of course… do lots of starjumps as life is totally worth celebrating!!




Photo 24-10-2014 4 44 14 pm

Love Mel x

MAB Personal Training & Adventures Year 2013 Thank you

Wow what a year it has been, my heart is full of gratitude as it has truly been an outstanding year, so much fun and so many adventures


I want to say Thank you to all my amazing clients for giving me the privilege of helping you all this year, a special mention to my long term clients for many years, I am truly touched and thankful for your loyalty, love, respect & friendship, to all the new clients over the last year I am thankful for the opportunity and I believe by letting go of the old created room for you all and you are all amazing, I love each and every one of you and I look forward to creating more awesomeness in 2014.

A huge thank you to many local businesses for support and sponsorships for challenges and charities, it is refreshing to see the community come together to create positive change and I am grateful to be a part of such a giving community.

A even bigger thank you to my family & friends for their ongoing love & support.


Watching this video that my lovely cousin Wayne put together creates tears as we seriously had so much fun and the fulfilment from being a part of so many positive changes is just beautiful, it makes me feel extra happy because you are all so happy. Enjoy this video to recap what an amazing year we all had together, it included, MAB 10 week Challenge February, Pretty In Pink Bra Walkathon, Tough Mudder, Charity Bootcamp for Stroke Awareness, Charity Bootcamp for Tania Hubbards Fire Appeal, Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Awards, MAB 10 week challenge September, Sunshine Coast Business Awards, Sunshine Coast Color Run, Caloundra Foreshore Fun Run, Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo, Many awesome Bootcamps, Many awesome Adventures such as Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Wakeboarding, Mud Training, Bikram Yoga, Bike Riding, also many Celebrations such as the Challenge Awards Dinner & the MAB Christmas Party with the Organic Sisters

A big welcome to TJ Bohl & Kim Bowmaker to the team of MAB, I believe both of these ladies are assets to the team and with the three of us we can help so many more people next year.

Thank you so much for being a part of what has been the most AWESOME year to date for MAB, I look forward to creating more awesomeness in year 2014 and so excited for everyone that will be joining in the fun, because fitness can be fun

Let the adventures begin

Have a safe & happy very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Mel xox



Melinda’s Camino De Santiago – Finisterre – Muxia THE END 914.5km

Day 31 Finisterre – Muxia 28.5km THE END of my Camino TOTAL 914.5km

I woke at 6:30am and left alone. I knew Jess was heading back home to Santiago today and I knew that if I wanted to get the bus back to Santiago I needed to get to Muxia by 2pm. So off I went. I must say that my head hurt as I’d drunk a little too much wine the night before and didn’t get enough sleep.


It was so dark at 7am. I was the most scared I had been the entire trip. There was no one in sight. I passed San Martino De Duio. It was very scary walking past a grave yard in the pitch dark. Soon after I freaked out when I saw a man in the bush cropping corn. What the? Such an odd time. It scared the crap out of me. I sent a text message to home just so someone knew that I was alone and so that they had somewhere to start searching if something did happen to me! Crazy really… Totally freaking myself out for no reason.

It didn’t help that the arrows were hard to find too. They were faded and almost impossible to see in the dark. I got lost at one point and wasted a good 30 minutes going back and forth searching for an arrow. I finally found one. I had my walking stick ready to use for defense if needed and I kept telling myself to breathe, that it was okay, to let go of the fear and trust that I was safe.

Needless to say, I felt relieved when the sun started to come up. In fact, I felt AMAZING. I loved being alone with no one in sight, the sun beaming on my face with the ocean in view. It was so pretty looking back towards Finisterre. Part of me was sad that I was missing the sunrise there but I knew Muxia was calling me.


As I walked along there were a few different arrows and I took a wrong turn. I went through Barbullas by mistake. Grrrr. I nearly cried when I realised I had stuffed up. I trusted though that people would show up. I continued walking until I came to a street with houses. I approached a couple of men who were working on trackers. “Muxia?” I asked and they kindly pointed me in the right direction. I’d easily done an additional 5km. I felt frustrated and alone and stupid for making the wrong turn. I quickly pulled myself on these thoughts and trusted that I was meant to go that way. Finally I saw my first pilgrim for the day walking in the opposite direction. We greeted each other and exchanged positive vibes as we both continued on our way. I was surprised that I hadn’t seen Dave as I knew he too was walking to Muxia. The fact that I hadn’t run into anyone made me think that I must have been the first to set off today.

Later I walked through a little town. I only had the 700ml water bottle and I was feeling pretty thirsty. A beautiful old man appeared and started talking to me in Spanish. I replied in English but unfortunately he could not understand me. I said, “Gracias” and he gave me a fresh apple. It was like gold to me. I felt frustrated and disappointed that I couldn’t speak the language and talk with him. He seemed like such a cute, old man.

As I got closer and closer to Muxia I realised that I’d still have enough time to make the bus if I wanted to. Then when I saw Muxia I cried. Not just a little tear… I cried my eyes out! I was so overwhelmed with joy, it was so beautiful. I felt so happy. I couldn’t believe that I had walked 914.5km!! WOW! Even though I had met many people along the way, I loved that I had been able to walk solo today and arrive at my destination on my own. I felt at peace, so much more relaxed than when I had started the Camino. I didn’t care what was happening next, I just felt so content in the moment.


Muxia is a coastal district in la Coruna and it is the most westerly point of mainland Europe. It was such a beautiful place that I decided to stay the night. I’d only just made it there by 2pm and I really didn’t feel like rushing off back on the bus. I chose to stay in the albergue Bella Muxia Hostel for the night. The owner of the hostel was lovely. After I settled in, I searched for a swimming beach and enjoyed a swim, not caring that the water was cold. I wrote in the sand and felt what I needed to feel. The swim made me feel WOW, so alive, so excited.

Later, as I made my way back to the hostel, I met an Aussie woman Simone whom I chatted to briefly. She shared the history of Muxia, telling me of the feminine energy that was here and how people from all over the world come to visit the fertility rock. I was amazed that I could feel the energy.

I went and handed in my passport to receive my certificate, now very excited to have one for Santiago, Finisterre & Muxia.

I decided to check out the fertility rock that Simone spoke of. It turned out to be one of the main tourist attractions of Muxia. It is an oddly shaped stone that sits on an outcrop of rock, sandwiched between an old church and the ocean. It is claimed that the stone has everything from healing powers (relieving kidney pain) to assisting in the conception of children, and all achieved by simply standing or crouching beneath it. The shape and position of the stone allow you to stand quite easily beneath it.

I sat on the rocks next to the church to watch the sunset. I couldn’t believe just how beautiful it was. I sat there by myself and wrote in my diary. As I watched the sun go down I could not keep the smile off my face. I felt so content in this moment, so grateful. I realised from my experiences with others along the way how positive, loving, caring, motivating and fun I am to be around. I realised how happy I was in myself and that I can love myself. I let go of my judgments of others and the need to control the uncontrollable. I made a promise to myself to work on being more flexible, to only use my bossiness in a positive way and to accept things as they are. The biggest goal I’d had on the Camino was to feel happy in the moment. I had the biggest shift sitting on the rocks, taking in every emotion and thought and feeling content in the moment.

I’d been searching for clarity on a number of things and I’d made a number of  decisions about these. Firstly, although I had gotten a two year UK work visa before I left, with the possibility of staying on longer than the eight weeks, I decided to go back home. I wasn’t ready to let go of my business that I’d worked so hard for. I couldn’t imagine selling my home and getting my family to look after my dogs. I didn’t want to run away from people that had hurt me. I knew that I loved travelling but I also knew just how much I love the Sunshine Coast and doing what I do. I felt inspired to go home and make my business bigger and better than ever before.

On a personal level, I felt content on following my heart back home. Without expectations. I knew in my heart that I could easily get hurt or be let down again but I was okay with that. The risk didn’t scare me… I trusted that I knew what I needed to do for me, to be true to myself. The Camino had opened up my heart, my mind, my life. I was filled with immense gratitude for the experience.




As I was finishing up on the rocks, I saw a few other pilgrims arriving. I ran into Dave and gave him a big hug. I felt so happy to see him and he was just as emotional as me. As I left him to have his moment. I knew that I might never see him again and that was okay. I would be forever grateful for his friendship and his gift of kindness.

After going out to dinner with Simone, I headed back to the hostel. This would be my last night in an albergue. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about bed bugs for a while.

I was so excited about having finished the walk. I didn’t care about the next day would bring, or the one after. I had total trust that everything was exactly the way it was meant to be and that if anything changed it would be okay. I trusted in my journey. I trusted in my purpose.

I was ready to wake up and catch a bus, yep a BUS. It felt really weird not having to prepare for walking the next day. I had no idea where I was going to next or how I was getting there. And that was okay. All I knew was that I just had a return flight home on the 9th of November. I was excited about the unknown.


Awareness Gained Along The Way

The fear was a gift of staying present in the moment.

The solitude was a gift to process who I am.

I was reminded of how my lack of preparation in learning the language and caused me to miss opportunities to communicate with the locals.

The arrival into Muxia made my heart feel complete. It had known from day one that my Camino journey would end here.

The swim was like a re-birthing. I let go of anything that wasn’t serving me.

During my moment at the rocks, I felt like I’d been stripped down to total rawness. I had been at my most vulnerable self the entire trip. I had been challenged emotionally, physically and mentally. Although I felt completely exhausted and sore, and although I was alone, dressed in my daggiest clothes and with no makeup, I felt the most beautiful I had in my whole life.

I found the meaning of being content in the moment and that is the gift of happiness.

I loved my own company and had arrived at a place of self-love.

Melinda’s Camino De Santiago – Finisterre 2012 – Day 30

Day 30 Cee – Finisterre 16km

I slept in until 9am, feeling tired but happy and excited. We made a start by 10am. While Jess and I were off with the fairies with excitement, Dave was in his own world again.

The beautiful view of the ocean and rain made it the most amazing walk today. Knowing that it would be shortest day I had done on the entire Camino journey felt bazaar.

We got a little confused at the town before Finisterre. We thought we could walk along the water but ended up getting a little lost. We had to back track which was funny and frustrating at the same time. The anticipation was huge. We couldn’t find any public toliets yet we came across some exercise equipment which Jess had a go of.


When arrived in Finisterre, we took our shoes off and enjoyed a walk along the beach. The sand felt amazing on our feet. So many other pilgrims were doing the same thing. We had so much fun collecting shells. I couldn’t believe how many clam shells there were. I picked out some of the more beautiful ones to take home to my special people as gifts.

Finisterre is on the coast of Costa da Morte, also known as the “Coast of Death” because of the many shipwrecks along the shores. It is a magical location. It is an ancient fishing village and port with an amazing lighthouse at the tip of Cape Finisterre overlooking the Atlantic. It is a ritual to watch the sunset at the lighthouse and burn any clothes worn on the walk. It was raining but we still wanted to go up there.

Jess and I decided to live it up and get a hotel room with an ocean view. It was so cheap – only 20Euro. Compared to 10Euro, the cost of a typical albergue, it was a bargain!



We had the most fun expereince. As we were enjoying a wine at a bar, a charming Spanish man named Alex started talking to us. He was so interesting. He was an actor and showed us some of his work. After many laughs it was time to go watch the sunset. As we were running out of time, Alex drove us to the lighthouse in his convertable. It was so unexpected, so bazaar and fun. We couldn’t stop laughing.

At the top of the hill where the lighthouse stood, we took some time to have a moment alone. I took the opportunity to throw a heart-shaped stone that I’d carried with me all the way from home. I read a letter with it sending my love and happiness to all the special people in my life, including the people who had hurt me. I felt so much gratitude and love for the all. I’d let so much go on my trip. I felt lighter, I felt more love. I was feeling very happy and content.



We ended the night with more wine and I enjoyed a very expensive but delicious scallop.


This was the end of the walk for many which was ironic considering that Finisterre was known as the “end of the world” until Columbus proved otherwise in 1492. Imagine what that would have felt like! Although I’d thought I’d finish my journey here too, my heart was urging me to continue to Muxia.  I wanted to see the sunset there and I felt like I had more to go. Knowing that I would make my way to Muxia the next day, I decided to get a good sleep.

Awareness Gained Along The Way

I felt at peace with so many things. To be able to forgive certain people and send them my love was a huge thing for me.

I felt excited about being able to collect shells and to be able to share the feeling of my way with the people that were special to me back home.

Even though my feet hurt like hell, the ocean and the feeling of having nearly completed my journey was just amazing.

I felt lighter for being spontaneous and living in the moment. I felt content with trusting my gut, trusting my feelings about other people’s intentions.

Melinda’s Camino De Santiago 2012 – Day 29

Day 29 Negreira – Cee – 52km – Sunday 21/10/2012

WOW what a night, myself and Jess nearly started walking at 1am, seriously worse night sleep EVER, firstly it took forever to get off to sleep as the group got louder and louder down stairs the more wine they drank, plus we were paranoid about bed bugs and kept imagining they were on us, I remember turning my torch on about three times checking.  When everyone finally got to bed, it was like an orchastra the entire night, it was so bad, Jess was loosing it, and I actually was laughing, I couldn’t believe how bad it was, even Dave was snorning and he hadn’t snored yet so far. We thought about walking in the middle of the night but chose to try to get more sleep as we didn’t want to miss the views if we walked in the dark.

We decided to walk early around 6:30am, it was freezing, it was dark, even Dave got up and got ready to walk, we were all tired. Dave was a little bit distant today, he had stuff going on for him so I let him be and enjoyed my own space and talking to Jess on the way.


The sunrise today was the most beautiful of all sunrises so far on the Camino and it just made all negative feelings and thoughts get dismissed.

We planned to walk the 30km and because we started so early, we were on a roll, we knew it was only approx 12km to Cee which had the ocean, the idea of ocean made me feel funny inside, like I was closer to home, something about the ocean made me feel so happy we all came to the conclusion if we pushed through it would mean it was only a 16km the next day to Finisterre so it sounded perfect, it was by rights the last big day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo off we went to Cee, the most exciting part was when we were going on a incline. We got so excited, we actually were convinced we were going to see the ocean at the top, we literally grabbed each others hands and ran to the top, it was so exciting and with 13kg on my back it was hard. What added to the pain was the fact that we had already been walking for 28 days and our feet hurt, yet our run was fun but much longer than we thought, it was like the never ending false peak. When we eventually got to the top WOW, I can not express how happy and excited I was to see ocean, it was windy, it was stormy, it was beautiful, it was just perfect. Also to see Finisterre in the distance was amazing, the thought that so many people miss the walk just seemed crazy, how could people not want to do this part, it was by far the most beautiful part.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArriving into Cee late around 6:45pm, another massive day and not much rest, our feet and body were done, the big albergue was so clean and quiet, not many people at all, about thirty beds and five of us spread across to get our own space.Myself and Jess went searching around the town for dinner and it was such a surprise to find a shopping centre, bazaar, which even had movies, and a lollie shop. There were some seedy spanish men though around which made me feel a little uneasy.

I made some calls home and was starting to get excited about seeing my loved ones.

Awareness Gained Along The Way

I have a massive connection with the ocean, I feel at home
I could feel the positive change within myself with the crazy weather
I could see even though I had such a poor night sleep, I chose to only see the positive

I was getting confused about excitement for home and seeing certain people rather than the clear reality of what every thing is

Melinda’s Camino De Santiago 2012 – Day 28

Day 28 Santiago – Negreira 22km Saturday 20/10/2012

Started off the day with clarity about things back at home and felt excited about continuing my walk, the great start was the princess style breakfast at the hotel again, AMAZING after what I had the last month.

It felt so different today, just knowing it was extra, knowing it was a choice to continue on, knowing not that many people walk this walk, it just felt really awesome, plus the walk was beautiful, very green, very lush, loved being in nature today.



We chose to stay at the Municiple, there were vacancies and we just needed a bed, sadly poor Jess had fleas biting her all night and were they got in everything, this meant she had to wash all her belongings.  We both couldn’t stop iching and were paranoid about bed bugs. The bed set up was about eight beds in each room, not bunk style, we were wanting an early night as planned for a early start as our goal was 30km tomorrow.

Everyone was getting right into the red wine, however, myself and Jess decided to go upstairs to crash. Excited about the adventure tomorrow.

As going off to bed, I thought about how much I loved travel, how much I would love to do more, I also loved doing it solo and I started thinking about sharing it with someone special in the future, the idea was nice.


Awareness Gained Along The Way

Body was grateful for the previous days rest

The ability of the mindset, the different focus of starting a walk with a goal of around 100km instead of 800km

I was becoming aware of warning signs and clarity ringing in my heart about decisions to be made at home

Melinda’s Camino De Santiago 2012 – Day 27

Day 27 – Santiago Rest Day – Taking in the moment of completing 796km

After a long sleep in my beautiful hotel bed, I felt so amazing when I woke. My body was stiff and sore but it didn’t matter, I had made it, I was there. The breakfast in the hotel was AMAZING. I felt like a princess enjoying the delicious, quality food.

I caught up with Dave and we went and handed in our passport to receive our certificate. What a cool feeling. It was awesome running into other pilgrims around the Praza Do Obradoiro, Albert, Ann and Jess were just a few we met. It was the most amazing experience walking through the Cathedral. I felt so funny inside, very emotional. We all joined in the 12pm pilgrim mass and the priest read out the countries from where the pilgrims who’d finished had come. It was exciting to hear Australia mentioned as I was the only pilgrim that finished from my home country today. We were so grateful as the enormous 80kg botafumeiro (incense burner) swung from side to side filling the cathedral with a beautiful aroma. There was so much energy, absolutely amazing. People from all over the world visit the cathedral to experience this sensation.

The cathedral’s history was overwhelming. In the centre was the Throne of Jesus and St James surrounded by the twenty-four elders of the Apocalypse and a pantheon of Apostles, Angels and Saints. Unfortunately the famous kneeling statue known as Santo Dos Croques was closed to the public. Traditionally, pilgrims touched it three times with their heads hoping that some part of his genius would rub off on them.


Melinda’s Camino De Santiago 796km



I searched around for the Post Office as I wanted to check that my bag, which I had sent ahead of me at the start of my walk, had reached its destination safely.  I showed my passport for ID, it was all that I had, and with great relief they handed me my bag. I said “great” and convinced the post office worker to keep my bag for another four days so I could continue to Finisterre. Although he didn’t understand at first we finally came to an understanding. I was really looking forward to wearing my pretty, clean clothes on my return.

I caught up with Sandor for a wine afterwards. He was sweet but the language barrier was still there and I just didn’t have the patience to try to communicate with him. So I said my goodbyes and off I went. I felt grateful to have  met him and for his gift of showing me that there are beautiful, kind men out there who are happy to give and be kind without expecting anything in return.

I continued looking around the city and enjoyed eating Churros alone. It was nice just to sit in a cafe and watch the people passing by.



Later that day we all lined up eager to receive the FREE dinner that the Hotel Hostal Dos Reis Catolicocs gives away each evening to the first 10 pilgrims who line up at the back door. We were winners! It was so cool to enjoy a huge, delicious meal at a five star restaurant… so so yummy. We all indulged and savoured every mouthful. We enjoyed the wine at a bar and tried a delicious chocolate yoghurt, yummo!


I came to the decision to walk to Finisterre and possibly Muxia with Dave and Jess. The plan was to leave by 9am. It seemed crazy not to walk the extra 100km after having already come so far – 796km! I felt I had more in me. I knew deep in my heart that I was not finished yet.

I decided to stay solo in the hotel again to enjoy some ME time.


Awareness Gained Along The Way

I appreciated the timeout on my own more than I ever had before.

The feeling of accomplishment was huge.

I was excited about wearing my nice clothes again but at the same time didn’t feel attached to them. I didn’t care too much about it at all.

I feel excited about future opportunities to achieve more. If there is opportunity to do more then I feel drawn to challenge myself.

I have a strong desire to give my everything in all that I do.

I almost felt incomplete. I knew I had more in me and that my journey wasn’t finished.

The pleasure of achieving my goal outweighed the pain from the walk.