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MAB is getting more adventurous on the Sunshine Coast

I am thrilled to announce that ‘MAB Personal Training and Adventures’ are sharing even more adventures with locals and visitors to our beautiful Sunshine Coast.

With adventures being my signature and biggest passion and the Sunshine Coast being one of the most popular destinations to visit in Australia, it makes perfect sense to expand this part of the business even more.

Oh and did I mention that one of my biggest adventures to date was spending the day with the beautiful Sofie Formica and the TV show, ‘The Great South East’.

Yep just a few weeks ago ‘MAB Personal Training and Adventures’ got to spend the day with Sofie and the film crew, I am sure that you can imagine just how super excited I was about being able to share my passion and love of adventure with the world.  I took the team on the ‘MAB Glass House Mountains Discovery Adventure’ which is to the foothills of the Matthew Flinders, the adventure is a combination of:

History, ‘Matthew Flinders was the first European to set foot on the Sunshine Coast, when his crew disembarked from the Norfolk on 19 July 1799’

Nature,  ‘Discovering the waters of Pumicestone Passage to the mountains and hikes of the Glass House Mountains’

Kayaking, ‘Down the still beautiful Bells Creek Pumicestone Passage, The majority of the locality is part of the Beerburrum State Forest’

Mountain climbing, ‘The unique Mount Ngungun 253m high, 2.8km return. Open forest with a fern understorey, woodlands, a small rock overhang, caves, spectacular 360 degree views from the top of Mount Ngungun, close-up views of nearby Mount Tibrogargan, Mount Coonowrin and Mount Beerwah’

Hiking, ‘We  walk around the base of the beautiful 364m high Mount Tibrogargan, the circuit being 3.2km in total. Mount Tibrogargan is located between Beerburrum and Glass House’

Fitness, ‘What better way to burn calories and work up a sweat then being outdoors in nature

Food, ‘Enjoy healthy yummy delicious snacks and lunch by The Paleo Place

Fun, ‘MAB makes it fun, it’s all about the experience’

HOW awesome is that?

Sofie totally loved the adventure, especially the mountain climb, she said, “mountains are her happy place”, which of course I personally relate to. There is something about climbing a mountain, it’s a like a metaphor to life ‘When you reach the top, you feel on top of the world, as if you can do anything, you feel alive and empowered’.  I was honoured that Sofie even got involved in doing one of the famous #mabstarjump, we did a group star jump on the top of Mount Ngungun.

The MABSTARJUMP is all about ‘Living Big’, our moto is:

“Live Big

Love Big

Dream Big

And do lots of STAR JUMPS

Because life is totally worth celebrating”

The great south east joining in on the MAB Glass House Mountains Discovery Adventure with Sofie Formica






Having years of experience sharing my adventures with MAB clients I feel confident that I have the tools to help people of any fitness level to enjoy this adventure.  I believe adventures can sometimes bring up fears for people, however I find with the ‘Power of Intention’, the adventurer can make an MAB Adventure something even more magical by saying goodbye to their fears and saying hello instead to their awesomeness.

Nerves……. What nerves, If you know me, then you know that I love to talk and that I get very excited about the outdoors, however as soon as camera was pointed on me, I went all shy? What the? Me shy? Never, right?  I can’t wait to see the see the piece ‘The Great South East’ has put together, what I know for sure is, ‘It’s going to be perfect’.

I find it amazing that by living the life I love to live, I get to share with others, to inspire them to live a happy, healthy, active, adventurous life full of love. My heart is beaming with gratitude to the point that it could explode and I am smiling from ear to ear.

I am super grateful for ‘Visit Sunshine Coast’ and ‘The Great South East’ for helping MAB get our adventures out there to locals and visitors alike, and I am also super excited and grateful to all current clientele for continually supporting MAB and joining in on the new adventures that we are continually coming up.

Let’s get adventurous…If I have inspired you to the point of adventure, contact me and let’s DO IT TOGETHER, I’m offering a GREAT SOUTH EAST SPECIAL CELEBRATION ADVENTURE – Book an adventure with me in the month before the end of September to receive a buy one adventure, get one free (yes that means you can bring your friend for free).  Contact me on 0401 286 200

2 Responses to MAB is getting more adventurous on the Sunshine Coast

  • Susie Herbert says:

    I saw your story on the great south east and found you so Inspiring. what I really related to was the lady (Sorry I cant remember her name) who has lost a considerable amount of weight but has found her worth and self again.

    I am really interested in joining an adventure with you.

    A bit of background on myself is I have always been a fit person and my weight has been around 52 to 56 kilos. over the last ten years I have had some major emotional setbacks that have taken a toll on me physically and emotionally. I work fulltime and live in Brisbane. I have always been a social person but I know aviod things because I dont have alot of belief in myself and at times financially struggle.

    Please let me know an adventure I can join in with a group.

    I will try most things. I love being outside, on the water and hiking even though my balance is Crap!

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Susie Herbert

    • Mel says:

      Hi Susie

      Thank you so much for your comment, I only have just come across this comment today. We would love to have you join our adventures, we have many coming up, the adventure you would of catched on the great south east is a great start or you can even book a private adventure and I can just take you on a mountain climb or a kayak if you prefer. We would love to have you join along with our team as often as you can. Please contact me on 0401 286 200 and I will be happy to talk futher, and thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and comment. Mel x

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