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MAB Mudders TOUGH MUDDER Sunshine Coast 2013

MAB Mudders completed the Tough Mudder Sunshine Coast with smiles, watch the below video…

They choose to do it for a number of reasons and let’s find out why and how they feel now.

Firstly, Captain MAB Mudder – Melinda Bingley Age 30, Owner of MAB Personal Training & Adventures, she was so excited when Tough Mudder announced Sunshine Coast and knew many clients would be keen so she put it out there for a team and so many were so fearful to do it, she encourage them to do it with the support of coaching them physically and mentally with the lead up of the event, we asked Melinda what she got out of TM, her reply was ‘I loved every minute, it was great to see everyone put the effort in on the day as a team, I was most of all proud of my team and secondly I loved the unknown being the first Tough Mudder event I have completed, I am always up for a new challenge, my favourite part was the Monkey Bars because I had a goal to get through it and I was thrilled to make it without slipping off, I was surprised how freezing the Arctic Enema was and amazed how scared I was with the walk the plank, overall I found it fun and look forward to go a little harder next Tough Mudder I participate in’

Peita Murphy 32 Year old married mum of 2 boys aged 4 & 7, full time worker being a Staff Compliance & accounts Manager plus/Personal Trainer, if we asked her what she got out of TM, her reply was ‘My body is more capable of much more than I thought’ If we asked what was her favourite part and why, her reply was ‘Making it across the monkey bars and through the ice’ and finally what was her most challenging part, her reply being ‘Running 17km covered in mud across uneven ground’

Tania Leitch – 39 Year old married mum of 3 children, Hairdresser, if we asked her what she got out of TM, her reply was ‘Tough Mudder has made me realise how strong I can be both physically and mentally and just how rewarding kicking that self-doubt to the kerb can be’ If we asked what her favourite part was and why, her reply was ‘My favourite part was definitely the MAB team spirit and the fact we all worked so well together. The artic enema was by far the most exhilarating’ and finally what was her most challenging part, her reply, ‘I found the running to be the most challenging and will definitely concentrate on my running fitness for next year… yes I’ll be back. Lol’

Chere Garland – 35 Year old married mum of 3 children aged 2, 5 & 7. Part time worker in retail, and when we asked her what she got out of TM ‘I really enjoyed how we were there for each other as a team, particularly as we hadn’t known each other long. My goal was to get across the monkey bars and make it across the 17ks. I failed the monkey bars but I tried. Artic enema was my fav, gave the body a real kick start and felt alive. The hardest part was running the distance especially on the uneven ground. Coming away from this event has made me want to challenge myself more physically. Maybe I will run a half marathon yet… Lol’

Emma Buckingham – 34 year old Marketing Manager married to co team member Dean Buckingham, when we asked her what she got out of TM ‘That I can push myself and challenge myself more than I think I can. Great sense of achievement, Artic Enema was my favourite as it mentally challenged me the most but the running was the hardest on my body and the uneven ground.

Jules Mushy Hosking – 51 year old retired mum of a 13year old, when we asked Jules what she got out of TM, her reply was ‘I can conquer anything ages is no barrier, I found the entire course physical & mental challenging & brilliant team work.. The Tunnels were my ultimate fear & challenge being severe Claustrophobia.. I was determined to face my fear & conquer it, I came out a new person. My son asked me that morning to do it for him.. & said mum don’t be afraid I am with you… an experience I’ll never forget..

Michelle Van Mulken – 29, public health research fellow, no kids: I started as a runner, but always liked it to challenge myself in different ways, I did many triathlons before and absolutely fell in love with obstacles courses when I did the Stampede last year. The Tough Mudder was a lot harder, which I loved, because if it’s not a challenge, it’s boring to me. I wasn’t able to get all the way across on the monkey bars, but that leaves something to work on for next time! I loved all obstacles and loved the fun, team spirit within our team and among others as even people outside of your team would give you a hand when needed. I think such events are so good for the Sunshine Coast: 1) getting people off the couch and 2) draw tourism to the Coast. Loving it!!

Leigh Schrieber – 35 year old car detailer, if we asked what he got out of TM, his reply was ‘Awesome team effort, I’ll do it again, I enjoyed everything but sadly I didn’t make the top of Everest, next year!

Overall MAB Mudders had 7 women and 4 men, they all had a ball and they all showed true team effort, they had a buddy-up system, always 2 or 3 people were together and made sure they got through each obstacle and all met on the other side of each obstacle with a high five to keep moving.

MAB Mudders looked awesome too, thanks to Rumba Resort for the sponsorship with tops.

So if you’re considering Tough Mudder, give it a go, you can do anything if you believe you can 🙂



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