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Walk to Finisterre

Melinda’s Camino De Santiago – Finisterre 2012 – Day 30

Day 30 Cee – Finisterre 16km

I slept in until 9am, feeling tired but happy and excited. We made a start by 10am. While Jess and I were off with the fairies with excitement, Dave was in his own world again.

The beautiful view of the ocean and rain made it the most amazing walk today. Knowing that it would be shortest day I had done on the entire Camino journey felt bazaar.

We got a little confused at the town before Finisterre. We thought we could walk along the water but ended up getting a little lost. We had to back track which was funny and frustrating at the same time. The anticipation was huge. We couldn’t find any public toliets yet we came across some exercise equipment which Jess had a go of.


When arrived in Finisterre, we took our shoes off and enjoyed a walk along the beach. The sand felt amazing on our feet. So many other pilgrims were doing the same thing. We had so much fun collecting shells. I couldn’t believe how many clam shells there were. I picked out some of the more beautiful ones to take home to my special people as gifts.

Finisterre is on the coast of Costa da Morte, also known as the “Coast of Death” because of the many shipwrecks along the shores. It is a magical location. It is an ancient fishing village and port with an amazing lighthouse at the tip of Cape Finisterre overlooking the Atlantic. It is a ritual to watch the sunset at the lighthouse and burn any clothes worn on the walk. It was raining but we still wanted to go up there.

Jess and I decided to live it up and get a hotel room with an ocean view. It was so cheap – only 20Euro. Compared to 10Euro, the cost of a typical albergue, it was a bargain!



We had the most fun expereince. As we were enjoying a wine at a bar, a charming Spanish man named Alex started talking to us. He was so interesting. He was an actor and showed us some of his work. After many laughs it was time to go watch the sunset. As we were running out of time, Alex drove us to the lighthouse in his convertable. It was so unexpected, so bazaar and fun. We couldn’t stop laughing.

At the top of the hill where the lighthouse stood, we took some time to have a moment alone. I took the opportunity to throw a heart-shaped stone that I’d carried with me all the way from home. I read a letter with it sending my love and happiness to all the special people in my life, including the people who had hurt me. I felt so much gratitude and love for the all. I’d let so much go on my trip. I felt lighter, I felt more love. I was feeling very happy and content.



We ended the night with more wine and I enjoyed a very expensive but delicious scallop.


This was the end of the walk for many which was ironic considering that Finisterre was known as the “end of the world” until Columbus proved otherwise in 1492. Imagine what that would have felt like! Although I’d thought I’d finish my journey here too, my heart was urging me to continue to Muxia.  I wanted to see the sunset there and I felt like I had more to go. Knowing that I would make my way to Muxia the next day, I decided to get a good sleep.

Awareness Gained Along The Way

I felt at peace with so many things. To be able to forgive certain people and send them my love was a huge thing for me.

I felt excited about being able to collect shells and to be able to share the feeling of my way with the people that were special to me back home.

Even though my feet hurt like hell, the ocean and the feeling of having nearly completed my journey was just amazing.

I felt lighter for being spontaneous and living in the moment. I felt content with trusting my gut, trusting my feelings about other people’s intentions.

Melinda’s Camino De Santiago 2012 – Day 29

Day 29 Negreira – Cee – 52km – Sunday 21/10/2012

WOW what a night, myself and Jess nearly started walking at 1am, seriously worse night sleep EVER, firstly it took forever to get off to sleep as the group got louder and louder down stairs the more wine they drank, plus we were paranoid about bed bugs and kept imagining they were on us, I remember turning my torch on about three times checking.  When everyone finally got to bed, it was like an orchastra the entire night, it was so bad, Jess was loosing it, and I actually was laughing, I couldn’t believe how bad it was, even Dave was snorning and he hadn’t snored yet so far. We thought about walking in the middle of the night but chose to try to get more sleep as we didn’t want to miss the views if we walked in the dark.

We decided to walk early around 6:30am, it was freezing, it was dark, even Dave got up and got ready to walk, we were all tired. Dave was a little bit distant today, he had stuff going on for him so I let him be and enjoyed my own space and talking to Jess on the way.


The sunrise today was the most beautiful of all sunrises so far on the Camino and it just made all negative feelings and thoughts get dismissed.

We planned to walk the 30km and because we started so early, we were on a roll, we knew it was only approx 12km to Cee which had the ocean, the idea of ocean made me feel funny inside, like I was closer to home, something about the ocean made me feel so happy we all came to the conclusion if we pushed through it would mean it was only a 16km the next day to Finisterre so it sounded perfect, it was by rights the last big day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo off we went to Cee, the most exciting part was when we were going on a incline. We got so excited, we actually were convinced we were going to see the ocean at the top, we literally grabbed each others hands and ran to the top, it was so exciting and with 13kg on my back it was hard. What added to the pain was the fact that we had already been walking for 28 days and our feet hurt, yet our run was fun but much longer than we thought, it was like the never ending false peak. When we eventually got to the top WOW, I can not express how happy and excited I was to see ocean, it was windy, it was stormy, it was beautiful, it was just perfect. Also to see Finisterre in the distance was amazing, the thought that so many people miss the walk just seemed crazy, how could people not want to do this part, it was by far the most beautiful part.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArriving into Cee late around 6:45pm, another massive day and not much rest, our feet and body were done, the big albergue was so clean and quiet, not many people at all, about thirty beds and five of us spread across to get our own space.Myself and Jess went searching around the town for dinner and it was such a surprise to find a shopping centre, bazaar, which even had movies, and a lollie shop. There were some seedy spanish men though around which made me feel a little uneasy.

I made some calls home and was starting to get excited about seeing my loved ones.

Awareness Gained Along The Way

I have a massive connection with the ocean, I feel at home
I could feel the positive change within myself with the crazy weather
I could see even though I had such a poor night sleep, I chose to only see the positive

I was getting confused about excitement for home and seeing certain people rather than the clear reality of what every thing is

Melinda’s Camino De Santiago 2012 – Day 28

Day 28 Santiago – Negreira 22km Saturday 20/10/2012

Started off the day with clarity about things back at home and felt excited about continuing my walk, the great start was the princess style breakfast at the hotel again, AMAZING after what I had the last month.

It felt so different today, just knowing it was extra, knowing it was a choice to continue on, knowing not that many people walk this walk, it just felt really awesome, plus the walk was beautiful, very green, very lush, loved being in nature today.



We chose to stay at the Municiple, there were vacancies and we just needed a bed, sadly poor Jess had fleas biting her all night and were they got in everything, this meant she had to wash all her belongings.  We both couldn’t stop iching and were paranoid about bed bugs. The bed set up was about eight beds in each room, not bunk style, we were wanting an early night as planned for a early start as our goal was 30km tomorrow.

Everyone was getting right into the red wine, however, myself and Jess decided to go upstairs to crash. Excited about the adventure tomorrow.

As going off to bed, I thought about how much I loved travel, how much I would love to do more, I also loved doing it solo and I started thinking about sharing it with someone special in the future, the idea was nice.


Awareness Gained Along The Way

Body was grateful for the previous days rest

The ability of the mindset, the different focus of starting a walk with a goal of around 100km instead of 800km

I was becoming aware of warning signs and clarity ringing in my heart about decisions to be made at home